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Giant Picks by AxetremeCreations

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Giant Picks that give back....

"Rock the Boob" signed giant guitar pick

Merchandising is a tricky business. Everyone is trying to find that " gotta have product" and offer it at the right price to make it affordable for everyone to take one home. In  an effort to offer all things musical and innovative we have created a new way for bands  to merchandise and events to raise money. Our giant picks are the perfect solution. They come standard with a key hole hanger to allow easy display on any wall and have a water proof finish making them durable  for the rainiest of events.  At 9.25" x11" they can accommodate a magnitude of permanent marker signatures ( both front and back) that can be displayed for a lifetime. can make your graphic completely custom, and there are no minimum quantities. Bands and events can use them for promotional giveaways and fundraising efforts as shown here with the "Rock the Boob" pick that we created for their 2013 event. Cincity radio worked with the charity to get bands like Volbeat, David Draiman from Disturbed and Device, Oleander, Three Days Grace, Sevendust, Young Guns, Pop Evil and many more to sign the pick. It was then auctioned off at their charity event to raise money for the cause.  

Imagine the possibilities!